Blue Cutters

  • Distinctive ‘blue’ finish provides improved cutter properties and improved cutting performance
  • Improved wear resistance, reducing friction and minimising ‘pick up’ of work piece material
  • Greatly enhanced cutting tool life - three times longer - even without coolant
  • Less stress on the drilling machine motor, leading to longer machine life
  • Available to size 12 - 65mm
    (3/4” -- 19.05mm shank)
    (1/4” -- 6.35mm pilot pin diameter)
  • Other sizes available to order

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Blue Cutter Specifications

The Powerbor® complete cutting technology allows holes to be produced quicker and more efficiently, compared to conventional drills, and due to the cutter design, the load per tooth is greatly reduced; and the power used by the machine is kept to a minimum. This greatly increases productivity and the life expectancy of the machine.
Annular Cutter Diagram

Annular Cutter Comparison

Blue Cutters Technical Data 25mm


Blue Cutters Technical Data 50mm